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Here some interesting off-topic ideas and information, which I found in the internet (Comment to all my subscribers below 15 years of age: Stay tuned. There is something in for you as well).

The Human Side of Crisis

At current, the Dalai Lama stays in Germany. He gave a TV interview, where he reminded us to take a different view on our business decisions and behavior. Not the short term economic benefit is important, but the long lasting implications of our actions.

In the section Economy of the → New York Times, I found a remarkable page about the human side of the global recession, which is titled → Living with Less. This section informs you about different social aspects of the downturn.

Among others you can learn their about the survival strategies of Freddy, and Martha, or Bob and Jill (and all the other normal people), or you can get a better understanding about the moods of the unemployed, versus the moods of the employed. You can watch there as well fotos, which relate to the crisis.

I do not know, how you think about it; I looked over this page, and understood, what the Dalai Lama is trying to say.

Viral Marketing and the Rolling Babies

The internet and in particular the social media is increasingly gaining influence to several areas of our lives. On the abovementioned pages you find small examples of the social web, for instance, if you search for the recommendations, and tricks, which the people publish there.

Also in the → New York Times, I read the inspiring and more technical article → Managing an Online Reputation. It is written for small businesses, and discusses the viral marketing, and the different trends in that area.

As a Small Business owner, it is important that you actively monitor and manage the different oppinions, which circulate in the internet, and deal with your company. Afterwards, it is essential that you promote your services correctly. In all that honesty and integrity is supposed to be key.

Connected to that is the (German) article on (→ Die süße Macht der Web-Werbung). The article shows, how Evian, the table water company, attracts new customers with online video clips about babies, which dance the moonwalk, which become interviewed, and so on. Here an example for such a video, which comes with a format that can create attention, because it adds the little blink-with-the-eye:

My First Time

The Rocket Watcher blog writes today about the topic → Finding First Customers, and is quite pessimistic about the benefits, which marketing can bring to small businesses. I think, April (the author) is right in stating that the first customers of a start-up do not buy products, but act as believers in you and your ideas.

However, in terms of the online reputation, I see a lot of potential from owning a marketing concept right from the start.

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