Disaster and Denial

In his article → Disaster and Denial, Professor Krugman wrote a comprehensive commentary about the reasons for crisis, and the problems to get politicians decide on counteractive measures. I think he is addressing two problems, which also might acutally become visible in Hopenhagen, where the world is discussing about the climate change:

  • The problem to convert expert knowledge into politics, which is sometimes called political realities.
  • The problem to tackle and manage really huge problems, when there is a climate of mistrust, missing ethics and particular interests.

In the first case decision makers might not understand the problem, or they have large problems to gather the necessary support to make their vision run. In these cases, compromizes might be the result, although real solutions might be needed. The second case has its roots in the way our socio-economic system works. It is basically a system, which is in search of balance (i.e. offer versus demand), and less a system in search of optimum.

The following German article argues in the same direction → Der Weg zu Wohlstand und stabilen Märkten ist steil.

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