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Classic Development Model and Lean Model Compared

In the lean development model we change certain elements of the conventional development process, to allow the development organization to work more flexibly. Here is why.

Agile Goes Mainstream

On today’s → Forrester Blog for Technical Product Management & Marketing Professionals, you find a → report from a conference on Agile. You find there as well information (an interview) from/with → Pragmatic Marketing. The latter interview gives you information about the business case for Product Management, and it answers questions about the why, the benefit, or the type of questions, which affect today’s Product Managers.

Role of the Product Vision when Development goes Agile

He does not stop with this statement, but adds recommendations, which very well complement my article → SCRUM Product Owner: Role and Task. For me, the remaining question is „Which mindset does the Product Owner require to deliver such a vision?“.

SCRUM Product Owner: Role and Task

Scrum is an organization model, and used by companies that develop products with agile methods. It has been invented as a means to professionalize the software development process. As I have already written in earlier articles, the model defines different roles, and has a specific view to the role of the team members.

Here I will concentrate on the tasks and the role model for the Product Owner.

Agile Product Management

These days, software systems are large, and they become challenging and expensive to create. In the recent years, many companies tried to formalize the development process, just to be able to better manage this complex process. Most companies used the waterfall method, in which one after the other department worked on its part of the software development cycle.

Agile Development

Much of the technology, in particular in the software industry or technology area is large and complex. In the meantime, for example, large technology companies need to invest several hundred thousand person days to come up with their next release of a product. The videos recommended here help you to understand the initial concept of an agile organization.