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Present Like Steve

While writing about my new photoblog in my blogpost → Design Matters, I found other good examples about presentation techniques. As I often see very bad presentations, I always like to look at these good examples. Scope of this post is the technique to present like Steve Jobs

European Consumer Strategies

However, it was not quite clear, what exactly changed with the consumer behavior, and how to react to the particular changes. I have looked at the following research from McKinsey & Company → Beating the recession: Buying into new European consumer strategies, which sheds some light on this particular question.

Made to Stick and the Curse of Innovation

A large portion of new and innovative products fails in the marketplace (many studies show that the success rate is below 10%). This is a very inefficient for society as a whole. Each improvement in new product success has important benefits.

In tough times such as ours, it is even more important, than in normal times, to optimize the innovation managementm and to increase innovation success.